Red Dead Online Moonshiners will earn 50% XP this week

Red Dead Online players in the Moonshiner Specialist role this week can earn a 50% Role XP boost. Also, Role Challenges are handing out a sweet RDO$100.

From now until March 20, Bootleggers in Red Dead Online earn 50% Role XP Boost on all Moonshiner Sell, Bootlegger and Story Missions.

If you haven’t started your bootlegging business in the Moonshiner Specialist Role, you’ll need to be at least Trader Rank 5 or have completed one Trader Sell Mission. From there, Cripps will introduce you to bootlegger Maggie Fike at Emerald Ranch.

Moonshiners can take 10 Gold Bars off the cost of all Moonshine Shack Properties this week, and take 40% off all Norfolk Roadster Horses and Band Expansions.

This week’s Showdown Series is Last Stand which features a new Random Weapon variation for free-for-all. Each player will spawn next to a random weapon and the goal is to be the last one standing. The Showdown mode is playable over at the Annesburg Mine, Armadillo, and Cemetery.

Want to earn an extra RDO$100 this week? To pad your pocket, you will need to complete any three Role Challenges for any Role. Doing so will earn you the cash.

Also, those who fill all Outfit Slots this week will earn a free Off-Hand Holster below Rank 70 of your choice.

Ongoing Rank-based rewards through June 1 were also announced. You can look over those below.

Finally, if you connect your Twitch Prime account with the Rockstar Games Social Club you will earn the Collector’s Bag, a Polished Copper Moonshine Still Upgrade and a Reward for five Moonshiner Role Ranks. And PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a Reward for three Free Ability Cards of their choice.

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